Protect jobs.
Save lives.

Thanks to the super-human efforts of more than seven million key-workers, we now have a strong platform to begin the next stage of protecting the nation - getting people quickly and safely back to work.


As the lifeblood of the economy, ensuring the survival of the UK’s 5.9million small and medium-sized businesses is critical to this.

#BusinessBounceBack is an organisation campaigning for the government to open a dialogue with SMEs and to publish a plan for when and how we get back to work. This is needed as a matter of urgency. Only by doing this can we help protect jobs, protect the economy and save countless lives.

To avoid a far-reaching recession which could last years, the UK Government must act now. We urgently need the following:


A plan for all

We need a roadmap for when and how SMEs will return to work safely and responsibly. To help with this we want to work with the Government to set a target date and agree the overall approach and processes that will enable all businesses to start planning for what needs to be done.


Advice for all

Whilst we wait for the necessary testing to be undertaken and a treatment and vaccine to become available, every UK business needs clear and consistent ongoing advice on how to ensure safe but productive working practices for staff.


Support for all

The current financial support schemes do not address the principal issue – the growing liquidity crisis within UK businesses. A support plan is needed to ensure SMEs can remain solvent and not just paying wages through furlough. This will also ensure the tax revenues needed to fund our public services can continue to be generated.

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